Goals of the DLBE Program
The DLBE program was created at MKES with the idea that, given the number of ELL students at MKES as well as the state laws surrounding the education of those ELLs, this was an opportunity to create a program that had advantages for ELLs and native English speakers alike. The stated goals of the MKES DLBE program are:
  • High academic achievement across all content areas for all students
  • Bi-literacy and bilingualism for all students
  • Cultural proficiency for all students

FAQ #1:  What are the advantages of a DLBE Program for native English speakers?

Many of the native English speaking families who choose to participate in the DLBE program do so for the bilingual education. With this enriched curriculum, many of the students could be recognized with the NY State Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma and in their transcript. For more information, including research regarding DLBE programs, please check out the MKES DLBE website: MKES Dual Language

FAQ #2: Is DLBE the right choice for every student or every family?

Families are given a choice on whether to enter the program and to date, approximately 15% of families have chosen not to participate. It is a personal decision, and there are a myriad of reasons why families choose to enter or not to enter the program.