DLBE Test Results

As noted by Dr. Manno in his presentation, we should use caution in relying too heavily on the state assessment scores to evaluate this program, for a few reasons:

  • Mount Kisco has a higher level of ELLs than the other schools in the District, and more of their ELLs are "beginning" ELLs (vs. ELLs who are close to becoming proficient)
  • ELLs are required to take the NY State ELA and Math Assessments once they have been in school in the US for only a year, so logically we can expect those students to not perform as well
  • 2016-2017 is the first year of State data reporting on our first DLBE cohort - this is very early data reporting and should be viewed as such

Now, with those cautions out of the way: Dr. Manno has concluded that the "data indicate(s) that DLBE appears to have had no negative impact on state assessment outcomes (and) in general, the 2017 cohort in the DLBE program performed at or above prior cohorts not in the DLBE".

As seen below, on the 2017 ELA assessment, both the ELLs proficiency levels and the non-ELLs proficiency levels increased slightly. (However, the overall proficiency level decreased because the number of ELLs in the 2017 cohort is far larger than the number of ELLs in the 2016 cohort.) On the 2017 Math assessment, the ELLs proficiency level decreased slightly from 16% to 13%, and the non-ELLs proficiency level increased from 65% to 73%.

This data (plus much more from across the District) is available on the state data site: NYSED Data Site