WPES Impacts
If the District decides to create a School of Choice, Mount Kisco Elementary (MKES) students who are currently in the "Traditional" (English-only) program would switch to another elementary school. Currently, that is only 53 students total for grades 1-4. Per District research, West Patent Elementary (WPES) is the most logical school for the Traditional classroom students to attend as it has the most available space and is close in proximity to MKES.

FAQ #1: Why WPES? Isn't Bedford Hills Elementary (BHES) just as close to MKES?
While WPES' proximity to MKES is important, the amount of under-utilized space at WPES is equally important. WPES is only operating at a 67% capacity - they have space for 480 students, and only 325 attending this year. WPES also has enough full-size classrooms for the additional students, and their core facilities are more than adequate for increased attendance. See the images to the right for more details.

FAQ #2: Could WPES become overcrowded with the extra students from MKES?
No. The Board of Education guidelines on maximum class sizes would still be in effect, which allows for up to 23 students in Kindergarten through Second Grade classes, and up to 25 students in Third through Fifth Grade classes. Additional sections would be created when necessary to accommodate the full number of students. In addition, restrictions would be put into place to limit the number of students that could attend WPES from MKES. Those guidelines would need to be written into policy and are therefore not exact at this time. However, Dr. Manno's presentation has indicated that if there are enough students from MKES who choose not to participate in the DLBE program to fill 2 classrooms in one grade level (approximately 26-32 students total), those 2 sections would stay at MKES.

FAQ #3: I like the small class sizes at WPES. How will that change if we add the students from MKES?
Per Dr. Manno's presentation, the additional students would have minimal impact on class sizes. The average class size at WPES would shift from 19 students per class to 20 students per class in next year's projections, as you can see in the image to the right. Bedford Hills Elementary, Bedford Village Elementary and Pound Ridge Elementary all average 20-21 students per class.

Even in the "worst case" projections (where exactly 27 students came to WPES from MKES every year for multiple years in a row), the average class size would still only increase to 21 students.

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Full Capacity

Full-Size Classrooms

Core Facilities

Class Size Projections