Note:  These are the reductions in the original proposed budget, the majority of which remain in the newly proposed budget.

Reductions in programs and staffing are very hard for many community members to envision.  The administration has researched many different areas of BCSD in their efforts to find efficiencies to help close the funding gap.

What are the details of those reductions?
To summarize, here are the details:
- Pre-Kindergarten: 3 teachers, 7 aides
- Elementary Class Size:  7 teachers (was 8 - 1 added back)
- Custodial Duties: Overtime duties
- Building Clerical Staffing:  1 clerical, 2 aides
- School Aide Positions:  6 FT to PT aides
- Secondary Assistant Principal:  1 admin
- Safety Monitor Position: 1 MS - the HS safety monitor is no longer a cut in the newly proposed budget
- Professional Development: Per BTA Contract
- Health Plan TPA Change: Anticipated savings based on changes recommended by the health plan consultant
- Adjusted MS Staffing:  .4 math, .2 world language
- Transportation:  Anticipated savings
- Elementary PE, Art, Music:  1 Elementary PE, .25 music, .25 art (due to enrollment)
- Miscellaneous: Summer program, textbooks, C& I budget

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