An Important Message from BCSD Together....

May 10, 2016 — As a petition signer, you may have received a letter from Board of Education candidate Michael Solomon. We want you to know that BCSD Together does not have your address and therefore did not provide Mr. Solomon with your address. Mr. Solomon, like all Board of Education members, received a copy of our petition with your name and town. BCSD Together does not endorse Mr. Solomon.

Our goal is to provide the community with facts and information that explains why we think it is important to vote YES for the adopted 2016-2017 school budget. To stay true to our goal, our group will not be providing perspectives on any of the Board of Education candidates. All of the candidates have now publicly supported the adopted budget – our objective is to continue to provide information and gather enough community support to pass the adopted budget with a 60% super-majority.

Thank you for your support, and remember to VOTE YES on Tuesday, May 17.