At the Board of Education meeting on June 1st, the Board voted unanimously to approve a budget of $126,804,885 with a 1.31% tax levy increase, under the state mandated allowable tax levy cap.

So, what does that mean?

The budget that was defeated on May 17th had a proposed 3.82% tax cap levy, which was over the state mandated 1.32% and thus required a 60% super-majority to pass. Because the new budget is under the allowable tax levy cap, it will require a standard 50% majority to pass.  However, it also requires $2.85 million in additional reductions.

FAQ #1:  $2.85 million more??  Is this in addition to the cuts in the May 17th budget?
Yes, these would be in addition to the almost $4 million in cuts that were originally proposed.  For more information regarding those cuts (which they are keeping), please check out Reductions

FAQ #2:  So what are the new reductions?
See the image to the right.

FAQ #3:  What do these reductions really involve?
For more details on these new reductions, please click here:
New Reductions

FAQ #4:  How many positions are being cut?
That question is a little more complicated.  Please look here:  Position Reductions

FAQ #5:  When is the next vote?
The next vote will be on Tuesday, June 21st from 7am-9pm at your local elementary school.  Details will be sent out soon regarding absentee ballots - please join our email list if you would like to be notified. Email List   

If the budget does not pass on June 21st, by state law the district will be required to adopt a Contingent Budget, which would require even deeper cuts.  For more details, please check this out: 
New Contingency
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