A contingent budget is complicated - here we will try to break it down as best we can. 

FAQ #1:  What is a contingent budget?
If the Board of Education's proposed budget is voted down twice by the voters, the school district is forced to to adopt a contingent budget, which by law has a 0% tax levy increase.  By state law, a contingent budget prohibits a district from spending any money in certain areas, including:
  • community use of school facilities (unless all costs are reimbursed to the district)
  • new equipment purchases
  • non-essential maintenance
  • capital expenditures (except in emergencies)
  • salary increases for non-instructional, non-unionized employee
  • certain field trips and student supplies
FAQ #2:  What does that mean for the BCSD Budget?
If the BCSD proposed budget is not approved by the voters and the district is forced to adopt a contingent budget, an additional $1,495,411 of reductions (yes, cuts) must be made. (That is in addition to the almost $6.85 million in cuts that have already been listed in the proposed budget.)
FAQ #3:  Where would the BCSD find $1,495,411 more in reductions?
Great question - in short, in places that would directly impact our kids and community.  This topic definitely requires more detail - check here..Contingent Cuts