The charts below list the new reductions - these are in addition to the reductions in the original proposed budget (listed here: Reductions)

Included in these cuts (but certainly not all):

  • Significant reductions in custodial services
  • An almost complete cut of the elementary library services (retaining 1 teacher for all 5 schools, with a small amount for additional help)
  • Cutting most intramural sports and freshman baseball
  • Reducing the elementary instrumental program by 1 band teacher (who is retiring) - a part time IA from FLMS will join the elementary program for support
  • 1.56 Science positions at FLHS (eliminating the Earth Science option in 9th grade)
  • 1 World Language teacher at FLHS (thus eliminating the majority of the Latin program)
  • 1 Safety Monitor at FLMS (plus 1 that was already cut in the original budget)
  • Significant clerical and purchasing agent reductions at the Central Office and across the district
  • Some necessary capital projects postponed to future years

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