FAQ #1:  What is an ELL Student?
An ELL Student is an English Language Learner - a student who is learning the English language in addition to his or her native language.  In the BCSD, 12% of our total enrollment are ELL students.  From 2007-2015, the percentage of ELLs in our district rose 73%, while on average in Westchester-Putman, the percentage actually decreased 1%.  The demographics of our district have changed significantly in a relatively short amount of time, and do not reflect what has happened to most other districts in the region.

FAQ #2:  Why does it matter how many ELLs or Free/Subsidized Lunch Students are in the District?
The state Foundation Aid formula increases state aid for school districts that have significant populations of ELL students or students on the Free/Subsidized Lunch Program to partially offset the added costs. Aid should be directed to the higher need students that require the additional support.

FAQ #3:  So we receive additional state aid because our changing enrollment?
NO.  In fact, we receive far less than our demographic peers. 

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For more detailed information on how state aid is determined,
check this out:  State Aid Primer
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We need to let our state legislators know that we
see the inequities and need change NOW. 
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