We’ve been asked – why should I support this budget if we going to be in the same position next year?

First and foremost, we do not believe that we will be in the same position next year.  The district has run multiple scenarios (and continues to do so) on our future sustainability.   The district is heading in the direction of a "structurally sustainable" budget. This is a process that cannot be addressed in one year.  

Changes are coming down the pike, both locally and at the state level.   Our enrollment is decreasing, which will lead to savings in the future.  Employee contracts are being negotiated, which will hopefully lead to savings as well.  Studies continue into the viability of our current elementary system, changes to which may lead to savings down the road as well.  And on the state level, there is a significant push to adjust the tax cap legislation to a set 2% cap (rather than a variable rate every year), to make budgeting a bit simpler for school districts.  

A possible scenario is shown to the right.  This scenario is based upon a 2% tax levy increase, and shows what the next several years would look like. Possible savings are listed at the bottom. 

There are unknowns going forward that will impact our bottom line.  But by voting YES for this budget, we are headed in the right direction, and we are starting our new superintendent, Dr. Manno, off on solid footing. 

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