FAQ #1:  What is the tax levy cap?
The tax levy cap is a NY State law which limits the annual growth of property taxes levied by local governments and school districts to 2% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.

FAQ #2:  Why have I only been hearing about the tax levy cap for the last couple of years?
The tax levy cap was not made into law until the 2012 fiscal year.

FAQ #3:  Why did I not have to hear about the tax levy cap when I lived in NYC?
The tax levy cap law applies to all independent school districts within the state of New York except for the "Big Five Cities" of Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Yonkers and New York City.  (New York City is also exempt as a local government.)

FAQ #4:  What is the tax levy cap rate this year?  (School year 2016-2017)
Approximately 1.32% - so the BCSD budget cannot grow by more than 1.32% from last year without the voters authorizing a tax levy cap override.

FAQ #5:  So what's a tax levy cap override?
Should any school district decide that they need their budget to grow by a greater amount than the tax levy cap (this year, 1.32%), then they must ask the voters for an override vote, which requires a 60% voter approval.