Unfortunately, the school budget was defeated during the vote on May 17th.  Here are the details:

Total Voters: 4418 (EXCELLENT! More than double last year - and the highest turnout in at least 9 years!)
Yes votes: 2597
No votes: 1821

58.8% Yes - Budget is defeated due to 60% super-majority

All of the Board of Education races were tight (differences of less than 125 votes) - Michelle Brooks, Pam Harney and Beth Staropoli won the seats.

The graphic below shows the breakdown by school. While all the schools approved the vote by a 50% margin, only Mt. Kisco and West Patent approved it by greater than 60%.

So, now onto the next steps! The Board of Education has 3 choices -
- Put the same budget up to a re-vote on June 21st
- Put a different budget up to a re-vote on June 21st
- Forget the re-vote and go directly to a contingent budget

While we will not know until next week their direction, presuming they decide to go for a re-vote, it's important for everyone to realize that they have a VERY tight time frame to make decisions.
- May 25th: Public BOE meeting for budget deliberations
- June 1st: Budget adoption
- June 15th: Public budget hearing
- June 21st: Budget re-vote

If you have strong opinions on cuts that should or should not happen - clear your schedule for next Wednesday, May 25th and attend the BOE meeting that evening. That will be the one and only meeting to make your voice heard before they adopt a budget (presuming they go to a re-vote).

More details to come in the days ahead!