BCSD Together - Schools, Teachers and the Community United
We are residents of the Bedford Central School District and understand that our district is facing a budget gap of approximately $8 million for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. 

We are extremely concerned about the proposed program cuts and will not allow the administration, nor the Board of Education to sacrifice the education of our children, lessen their college prospects or decimate the reputation of our district.  It is unacceptable to cut any program that would directly impact students. However, if increases in employee compensation continue to outpace the capped revenue imposed upon us by NY State, there will be no other alternative.  We expect the administration and Board of Education to conduct earnest negotiations with the Bedford Teachers Association and other unions, resulting in a meaningful reduction of the nearly 80% of our budget (salaries, pensions and benefits) that continues to grow at a rate beyond the allowable tax cap.

If expenditure cuts are limited to efficiencies and reductions in administrative staff, and will not diminish the quality of education provided in our schools, the undersigned can support increasing taxes, even to the maximum cap provided by law (and possibly overriding such cap).  In addition, we expect union negotiations will yield reductions that will keep tax increases to a minimum.  All parties must give a little to find a solution that is best for our children, the schools and our community as a whole. 

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