BCSD Taxes
School taxes are based upon the assessed value of a property, and the BCSD uses equalization rates to evenly distribute the tax levy across all the municipalities in the District. Properties of similar market value should pay approximately the same amount of school taxes, regardless of municipality. The table below gives an example of similar properties throughout the District and their corresponding school taxes.

 Municipality  Market Value Assessed Value Rate/$1000 School Taxes
 Bedford 589,908 64,300 141.94 9126.74
 Mount Kisco 590,643 96,000 95.10 9129.60
 New Castle 586,387 112,000 81.01 9073.12
 North Castle 570,796 12,900 684.61 8831.45
 Pound Ridge 585,611 105,000 86.29 9060.45