Fully Fund a Quality Education in the Bedford Central School District

We believe that an excellent school district leads not only to a better education for our students, but also to a stronger community overall. When the quality of education erodes, property values decline. An exemplary school district benefits every property owner.

We believe the Bedford Central School District (BCSD) must continue to offer exceptional, well-rounded educational opportunities for all students so they will be competitive with their peers when applying to colleges. We also believe our community is willing to make this investment to insure our children receive a quality education, and the district remains a highly desirable place to live.

For the long term, we expect the BCSD to:

  • Maintain high quality, expansive programs that enhance learning for all children and continue to make our students attractive to the best colleges.

  • Slow the growth of contractual obligations, such as healthcare costs, so that expenses do not continue to grow at a rate that exceeds the capped revenue.

  • Reasonably forecast future budgets so the community has an understanding of future spending.